How We Add Value to Your Business

Return on Investment

See the business’s sales grow and a retention of clients due to an improvement in your teams’ performance and their confidence.

Happier Teams

Work out your employee’s best qualities and strengthen weaker areas. Reduce friction and enjoy happier, more productive teams.

Satisfied Customers

Your clients will feel satisfied with the efficiency and knowledge of your team. Not to mention the improved customer service.

We are Outlook Partnerships

Outlook Partnerships was born in 2001, through the vision of Amanda Riddle wanting to provide tailored training solutions that directly impact on business results. Our team of expert consultants have an understanding of the science behind learning, how to deliver high impact training solutions & the art of embedding it back into your culture, making us the perfect partners in developing your individuals to achieve your business results.

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Latest News

How can I get more work done in less time?

It’s a common problem that everyone faces – feeling that you have a hundred tasks to do and not enough time to get them done. By making some simple changes to the way you and your team works, you can all pull together and achieve your goals, without burning out in the process.

How to Improve Productivity in Your Employees

Managing a team of employees is one of the greatest challenges you’ll face as a business owner. Getting the most out of them is just as important.

Unmotivated employees or team members not working to their full potential has a direct impact on your business and it can be frustrating when this leads to negative business results. Here are some suggestions for maximising productivity in your employees.

Emotional Intelligence is not just a throwaway term, it’s a workplace ‘must have’

Emotional Intelligence is a topic within which we could fully immerse ourselves (and probably blow our minds). At Outlook Partnerships we are not only concerned about harnessing the power of Emotional Intelligence within the workplace, but how this can benefit the organisations with whom we work with.

Motivating & Engaging Relationships

Motivation and engagement are difficult issues to address, and if they aren’t tackled correctly, they can have a detrimental effect on your business. Maybe recently you have noticed an increase in staff turnover, absence through sickness, disciplinaries and customer complaints… If so, it could be because your staff aren’t feeling motivated or engaged within their role.

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