Everybody needs a pep talk, a steer in a direction to get back on course or some help in facing some challenges at some time.

We provide 1-2-1 coaching for individuals (with objectives agreed between the recipient and their manager) to help develop specific skills and abilities.

The outcome? Improved performance, goal clarity, increased confidence… the list goes on.

However, coaching is not counselling, therapy or training. We are expert listeners and learning practitioners but we’re not here to fix, but guide.

We can help deal with issues and challenges before they become major problems. At a business level, we can deliver coaching that helps with succession planning, conflict reduction and more.



We’ll help you make and reach specific goals, but during the process you’ll see an immediate change at an individual level that will filter through the business.

Accelerate employees growth as
part of a larger succession plan

Our coaching will speed up employee performance so you can reach business-wide goals quicker. And, they’ll feel more empowered to deliver what’s on the company’s roadmap.

Retain talent

Retention is better than cure. We’ll help you hang on to talent with itchy feet, the grass is greener daydreamers and employees that want quick change, and may feel that things aren’t moving quick enough for them.

Tailored approach

Bespoke is best, especially as our coaching is delivered 1-2-1. We have a team of seasoned coaching experts that cover a very broad range of sectors, with decades of experience. Once we collaboratively work out what you need, we can deliver it.

Your Coaching Options

  • Breakthrough coaching
  • Career Planning
  • Continuous Improvement Sessions
  • Quick Fix Sessions
  • Executive On boarding
  • Conflict Coaching
  • Coaching for New Leaders
  • Executive Coaching
  • Relationship based 360 Feedback
  • Coaching Retreat
  • Competency based 360 feedback
  • Work / Life Balance
  • Teamwork Coaching
  • Self Discovery Programmes

How the coaching sessions work

Before we get to change, transformation and results we’ll have a coaching objectives meeting. It’s the perfect way to map out how to accelerate the delegate’s personal and professional development, with the right people.

Goals agreed

Your Outlook Partnerships coaching expert, delegate, their manager and a HR/Learning & Development specialist will map out a clear framework for the 4×3 hour coaching sessions; followed by a coaching outputs meeting.

Each coaching session is made up of the following

  • Review progress since the last session
  • Conduct an in-depth questioning process to identify the barriers that exist to achieving the goals
  • Use various tools and and techniques to remove or overcome these barriers
  • Give 360-degree feedback
  • Work on practical situations past, current or future to learn from the past and prepare well for future challenges
  • Address any current problem areas and make actions for implementation
  • Use an SDI inventory to raise self-awareness, develop behavioural changes

Coaching outputs meeting

When all the sessions are completed, we’ll have a coaching outputs meeting. It gives us the opportunity to share our report, highlighting clear progress, feedback and recommendations for next steps.

Our Tools & Techniques

The SDI® is a flagship learning resource which provides a suite of development tools based upon Relationship Awareness.It helps build communication, trust and empathy. Ideal for a diverse range of situations including leadership development, employee engagement, team performance, customer service, conflict resolution & coaching.It’s all about understanding yourself and the impact you have on others. Our customers are regularly in awe of the results it brings.

The majority of our workshops are CIPD certified.

We are accredited People 1st training providers. People 1st International is an employer-led skills expert and is part of the Workforce Development Trust.

We are big advocates of NLP tools, techniques and its philosophy. If you back away from responsibility, it helps with increased self-awareness, relationship awareness and a greater ability to manage yourself and others.

Brain-friendly learning

These techniques are all about making learning faster, fun and more effective. Discover what your learning style is, use all the senses and memory skills to build confidence and embed your learning.

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